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Rationale For A Phenomenological Research - 860 Words

Chapter III described the process of this phenomenological research, using black feminist perspectives with individuals who had experienced the phenomenon being explored. Not only does this chapter reveal the research design utilized in this study, but also the relationships of the research questions that were under examination, as well as the procedures that were followed in the development and implementation of the study. A full description is included in the research design, research questions, population, data collection and proposed data analysis involving the challenges that African American female secondary school educators’ have experienced with their students. In addition, it also addressed the rapports of these teachers with their students’ parents, colleagues, and administration, as to how they affect their relationship with their students. Rationale for a Qualitative Study with a Phenomenological Design When utilizing a qualitative approach, the task becomes one of determining the qualitative method to be used. Additionally, Stake (2010) used purpose, research design, and methodical data techniques as a way of classifying types of qualitative research. Similarly, Cresswell Cresswell (2007) spoke of five practices of qualitative research. These five practices consist of biography, phenomenological study, grounded theory study, ethnography, and case study. This researcher chose a phenomenological study for this research project. The method chosen for thisShow MoreRelatedPhenomenological Study of Nurses Caring for Dying Patients: Review of Qualitative Study710 Words   |  3 PagesThe Phenomenological study completed by King and Thomas (2013) compiled nurses’ experiences of caring for dying patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). This paper holds as a review of this qualitative phenomenological research. Several components of the paper will be discussed, including: research question, methodologies, analyzing data and integrity of the original data. The literature review looks at a variety of research that deals with patients’ death as well as how caring for a patient presentsRead MoreThe Resistance Of Female Leadership1430 Words   |  6 PagesProtestant churches today and will be the main thrust of this study. The findings from this study may advance scientific knowledge or add to literature by providing understanding about how traditions, gender bias, organizational culture, and other phenomenological reasons play a role in the resistance to female clergy. Furthermore, the study results will provide an educational tool that may lessen the resistance to female clergy. The theory: There are historical phenomena involved such as events, genderRead MoreApse At The Additional Qualititave Approaches Essay1209 Words   |  5 PagesJournal Entry – A Glimpse at 3 Additional Qualititave Approaches Stemming from the humanities, narrative research is considered adequate to understand the meanings with which people make up the world (Creswell, 2018). In this sense, the study of stories allows us to understand the meanings that are expressed, organized and created in them. Another reason that justifies this type of research is that the narratives allow to illuminate to a large extent the personal thing. In fact, stories that peopleRead MoreResearch Study : Phenomenology Research793 Words   |  4 PagesMethods The qualitative method that will undergird the development of this research study is phenomenology research. This research approach seeks to examine the mutual experiences of a specific group of people (Creswell, 2013). The goal of this approach is to examine the â€Å"data thematically to extract essences and essentials of participant meanings† (Miles et al., 2014, p. 8). Using interviews, the researcher seeks to learn what adult with ADHD experienced and how they experienced a specific phenomenonRead MoreNrs-433v All Weeks Discussions Essay4257 Words   |  18 Pagesthe nursing process and the research process? NRS-433V Module 2 DQ 1 The theoretical foundations of qualitative and quantitative methods are very different, but many researchers believe both methods should be used in the research study to increase validity and reliability. What advantages or disadvantages do you see in using both types of methods in a nursing study? Support your answer with current evidence-based literature. NRS-433V Module 2 DQ 2 Nursing research is used to study a dilemmaRead MoreBirth Trauma: in the Eye of the Beholder Critique1393 Words   |  6 Pagesby health care providers. She also uses a term â€Å"in the eyes of the beholder† to emphasize that for every woman this phenomenon is unique. It is stated that PTSD after childbirth is quite prevalent and several studies support this fact. However, research is regarding the understanding of the birth trauma phenomenon from the woman’s experience lacking. The problem statement was worded clearly and directly and I wasn’t ambivalent about what problem will be discussed in the remainder of the articleRead MoreBullying, Family Therapy Outcomes And Academic Performance?1668 Words   |  7 PagesSchools Research topic: Bullying in Schools Research Question: Is there a relationship between bullying, family therapy outcomes and academic performance? Chosen Methodology: The Mixed Method Triangulation Design A mixed methodology is what I am using in the study. Mixed methods approaches consists of collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. The Mixed Methods Triangulation design is designed to obtain different but complementary data on the same topic to understand the research problemRead MoreCritique And Application Of Theory Of Caring Essay949 Words   |  4 Pages Critique and Application of Theory of Caring Kristen M. Swanson RN, PhD, FAAN derives her Theory of Caring from the works of multiple nursing scholars, combined with empirical evidence and phenomenological investigations, to create a middle-range theory applicable to almost any healthcare setting (Swanson, 1991). The middle-range theory evolved partially due to Dr. Swanson’s doctoral studies under Dr. Jean Watson (Wojnar, 2014, p. 689). Dr. Swanson’s theory contains a perinatal background, initiallyRead MoreWhy Teenage Mothers Do Not Continue800 Words   |  4 Pagesteenage mothers do not continue to breastfeed. The researcher will use a mixed methods approach, which will enrich the quality of research findings and will enhance the reliability and validity of the data collection methods used and incorporates a positivist approach (Parahoo 2006 and Andrew and Halcomb 2009). The use of both approaches makes a great contribution to research, building on existing knowledge and skills (Gelling 2014). Bryman (2012) su pports mixed methods studies as they can identify weaknessesRead MoreUsing Quantitative And Qualitative Research965 Words   |  4 PagesCreswell (2015a) â€Å"sampling in mixed methods research refers to the procedures for selecting participants (and sites) in both quantitative and qualitative research and to the sampling strategies employed with each of the designs† (p. 75). Creswell defines sampling procedure in mixed methods in relation to two central issues which are: 1) how to select a valid sample size for both quantitative and qualitative research designs in relation to the research question asked, and 2) most importantly, how

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The Destiny of Forrest Gump - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1165 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2019/08/08 Category Cinematographic Art Essay Level High school Tags: Forrest Gump Essay Did you like this example? People always argue about whether or not the movie is better than the book when it comes to storytelling and relatability with characters. Based on the 1986 novel from Winston Groom, I personally prefer the movie due to its great selection of casts such as Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) or Robin Wright (Jenny Curran), and its depiction of Gump as a good, decent man rather than a cynical and cold depiction of the characters overall story. This movie is great because Forrest is shown to be stupid, but in reality, he really is a wise fool. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Destiny of Forrest Gump" essay for you Create order Although Forrest Gump is just a fictional movie, I think that it truly allows us to relate to characters like Jenny or Forrest, and inspires us to put the past aside and follow our own destiny. The movie Forrest Gump, released in 1994 and directed by Robert Zemeckis, starts off with a young boy with a low I.Q and wore leg braces because he was born with a crooked spine. Forrest is a man of good intentions, and throughout the movie, he faces many tribulations but never lets it interfere with his happiness. Gump has had several setbacks in his life which gave him a disadvantage. But he manages to turn the setback into something beneficial to him, such as when he took his leg braces off and outran the bullies chasing him with their bikes. After going through the setbacks, Gump played at the University of Alabama, won a football scholarship, served in the Vietnam War (saving many soldiers lives), and ran everywhere in the United States because he wanted to escape from the worlds twisted reality. While Forrest became successful in his endeavors, the most complicated task was to win the heart of his childhood friend Jenny Curran. For all the tribulations and challenges that Forrest went through, he only thought back to Jenny and how she is very important in his life. Although the movie starts off with the two childhood best friends, the movie shows that they gradually grow apart from each other. Jenny had a messed up childhood with Forrest being the only escape from her abused life. Even when they both grew up to be adults, Forrest Gumps love for Jenny never wavered and stayed unselfish. Forrest never had any ulterior motives when it came to conveying his true feelings. On the other hand, Jenny is shown to be in various relationships throughout her life. Ironically, her relationship was filled with selfishness and lies which completely went against Gumps actions. The most iconic line from Jenny, run, Forrest, run, is when she yells at Forrest to run away from the boys chasing after him while the camera zooms in on Gumps leg braces coming apart; showing that his disability will not slow him down from reaching his goals in life. The iconic line is also ironic as Jenny tells him to run, but foreshadows her figuratively running away from Forrest as they grow older. A memorable line in the movie, My mama always said youve got to put the past behind you before you can move on. He instinctively understood that carrying the past was detrimental to his present and future (Weber, 2010). When Gump proposed to Jenny, she declined and Forrest spends the next three and a half years running across America. Forrests run was a way for him to put his past behind him (Weber, 2010). As the movie emphasizes Forrest running from the past, it can also apply to people who still struggle in the past. While Forrests run was therapy to exercise some of his past pains, many people use exercise to relieve stress. And what is stress? Simply put, stress is worrying about the past and how its going to affect the future (Weber, 2010). In the movie, the idea of destiny plays a massive role throughout the film. For instance, Forrest and Jenny had two separate destinies with Forrest being successful in spite of his many tribulations, and Jenny ends up as a whore due to her twisted past. When the movie puts Forrest Gump in the Vietnam War, the starting scene shows it raining with soldiers advancing to the enemies positions. The film then cuts of the rain and then sequences to an intense, gruesome battle. Many of Lt. Dans squadron perished in the fight except for Forrest. As a bombing was expected to happen within the area, Forrest goes back into the battle to save any fallen comrades who are still alive. While running, Forrest encounters Lt. Dan with both his legs severely wounded, fallen on the ground and calling for a bombing run around the area. Forrest could not leave Lt. Dan and decided to take him to a safe zone away from the war. During this scene, Lt. Dan tells Forrest, We all have a destiny. Nothing just happ ens. Its all part of a plan! I had a destiny. I was supposed to die in the field with honor! That was my destiny, and you cheated me out of it! You understand what Im saying, Gump? This wasnt supposed to happen. Not to me. I had a destiny. I was Lieutenant Dan Taylor (Weber, 2010). Lt. Dan knew that because he wanted to be a soldier; his destiny would be to die for his country. This shows that the character already knew his purpose in life and it was clear what he wanted to achieve in his life. The idea of destiny is a tough concept to understand and many people can disagree on it. I feel as though people want to believe that there is a destiny, but people without a religion, such as atheists think differently. Atheists may believe that theres no God, no purpose and no point to life, but its pretty tough living that philosophy out in the day-to-day trenches (Cooke, 2012). Although religion may tie into the concept of having a destiny, it also gives us the motivation to live our lives no matter the limitations. Your purpose is bigger than any obstacle like physical limitations, financial circumstances, being fired or other failures. Nothing can change the fact that you have a unique reason for being here, and theres still time to discover it (Cooke, 2012). Forrest Gump is an exceptional movie with its unique characters, impactful themes, and famous quotes that all people can relate about. The movie may seem like its a heartwarming story about Forrest, but the movie emphasizes more about our times. As the overall theme of the movie shows the destiny of the characters, it truly allows us to think more about our own destinies and makes people reflect on themselves. Works Cited Weber, Steve. Youve Got To Put The Past Behind You Before You Can Move On. Speaking Gump, 18 Mar. 2010, Weber, Steve. Whats Your Destiny? Speaking Gump, 17 May 2010, Cooke, Phil. Do You Believe In Destiny? Maybe You Should. The Huffington Post,, 10 Oct. 2012,

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Analysis †Investigating the Effects of Trampling on Free Essays

A basic trend can be drawn from the results collected. The kite diagram emphasises clearly the effects of trampling on species distribution near footpaths. On the path very little to no species grew, whereas towards the edges of the footpath there was an increase in species number and variety. We will write a custom essay sample on Analysis – Investigating the Effects of Trampling on or any similar topic only for you Order Now Moreover, the data gathered from testing the footpath for compaction revealed that the path itself has greater compaction than the areas to either side of it. Further more, the drainage time of the soil showed a similar trend in that where areas of soil were more compact, the drainage time was higher. Also where areas of soil were less compact the drainage time was less. The spearman’s rank value supports this trend by revealing a positive correlation between the drainage time and the compaction of the soil. The kite diagram reveals the trend that less species tend to grow on footpaths. This is due to the fact that as people walk on the footpaths the soil becomes increasingly compact. This leads to the soil particles being forced closer together creating a decrease in air space which results in the water taking longer to drain into the soil. As soil becomes compact, root growth is inhibited due to lack of air space. The roots grow shorter and thicker which largely decreases the overall surface area of the roots which leads to the plant being unable to absorb adequate nutrients and moisture. Moreover, as the roots become inhibited, they are limited to the amount of soil they can explore. This can decrease the plant’s ability to take up nutrients. Similarly, as water runs off compact soil it dissolves the nutrients and carries them away, a process known as leeching. As the drainage time is far greater on the footpath, this lack of water results in the soil having very little nutrients. The lack of air space reduces the number of aerobic bacteria. Atmospheric nitrogen is fixed by bacteria. Lack of bacteria will result in a decrease of nitrates for the plants. Plants need nitrates for proteins and for nucleic acids and will die without these. The nitrogen cycle is unable to progress as less water and oxygen leads to fewer microbes and less decay which results in less nutrients. Compact soil may hold little water which will lead to plants with xerophytic adaptations being able to thrive. More plants are able to grow better in less compact soil due to an increase in the air space available. This can provide the roots with space to grow and the water with space to drain through. Therefore more nutrients and water provide the plant with adequate living conditions. Grass has a very low growing point allowing it to survive after being cut short. Its rolled leaves provide added protection when being trampled upon. From the kite diagram we are able to see that grass can grow on the footpath but there is less of it. This maybe due to the possibility of the footpath not being used by the public for a while, thereby giving the grass time to develop. However, as grass has its growing point at the base of the plant, and is therefore not damaged when cut, grass is better adapted to survive in trampled areas than other plants that have their growing points in more vulnerable areas. Rosette plants have a growing point which is protected by leaves which emerge from a central point. This enables the plant to be highly adaptable to varied conditions. In contrast, the Violet plants are very delicate and their growing point is exposed. This results in the plant being less adaptable and more likely to survive in well controlled, less compact environments. The plant Heather prefers slightly more acidic soil to obtain the best growing conditions. They also need a significant amount of moisture in the soil, which will not be found on highly compact pathways. The growing point of Heather is quite vulnerable, being at the base of a plant that will often spread out. The kite diagram supports this as no Heather was located on the footpath. Spearman’s rank calculation demonstrates a positive correlation between the drainage time and the compaction of the soil. If the soil is less compact then in general, the drainage time should be less also. Similarly, if the soil is more compact then the drainage time should take longer than normal. Water that is trapped in compact soil has difficulty moving up through the soil surface where it can evaporate and reduce soils temperature. Therefore the soil water in compact areas can heat up from increased thermal conductivity of the denser soil. This can cause significant damage to the roots of plants. Compaction can result in significant reduction of the rate at which rainwater can penetrate the soil’s surface. This is confirmed by the spearman’s rank calculation showing a positive correlation, and the data gathered when measuring the drainage time of both compact and less compact soil on the footpaths. Heavily compact soil has a reduced rate of both water infiltration and drainage from the compacted layers. This is because compact soil contains few large pores which are the most effective in moving water through the soil when it is saturated. In conclusion, the reasons why trampling on species near footpaths affects their distribution is due to a range of factors; the soil compaction, drainage time and the species itself. The soil is proven to be generally more compact on the footpaths than in the surrounding areas. This compact soil on footpaths leads to increases drainage time as the soil has less pores or air space which would normally aid water absorption. The growth point of a plant can also be a factor as to why trampling on species on footpaths affects their distribution. A trend was shown from the data collected that grass, a very adaptable and sturdy plant, was able to grow on footpaths and withstand the trampling. This is due to grass having a growing point at the base of the plant where it is protected well. In contrast, the Violet plants were recorded to only grow in the surrounding areas of the footpaths. This is due to the growing point being highly exposed. The spearman’s rank value shows a positive correlation between drainage time and the compaction of the soil. As the spearman’s rank value is greater than the critical value, 0.4140.377, it can be valued as reliable. Moreover, the confidence level of the spearman’s rank calculation is 95% which can be valued as very reliable. How to cite Analysis – Investigating the Effects of Trampling on, Papers

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The Enlightenment The Romanticism Movement free essay sample

Examines ideas of Franklin L. Baumer, James MacGregor Burns Francis Fukuyama on intellectual connections between 18th Cent. Enlightenment Romantic Movement of 19th Cent. Philosophy, religion, leadership, politics, revolution. The purpose of this research is to examine connections in intellectual history between the ideas of the Enlightenment and those of Romanticism, through the work of Franklin L. Baumer, James MacGregor Burns, and Francis Fukuyama. The plan of the research will be to set forth the thesis, assumption, and evidence of Baumer regarding the relationships between the Enlightenment and Romantic ways of thinking, and then to discuss how Burnss ideas of moral and transformational leadership and Fukuyamas ideas of social philosophy may be said to reflect Baumers elaboration of continuity and change in Western thought since the period following the late Renaissance. Any examination of the Enlightenment and Romanticism as critical forces in European intellectual history involves looking at decisive forces that have shaped individual and mass . We will write a custom essay sample on The Enlightenment The Romanticism Movement or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page .

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The Morality of Abortion an Example of the Topic Psychology Essays by

The Morality of Abortion I. Introduction Bioethics is a recently coined word. It comes from bio which means life and from ethics which is morality. Bioethics is that branch of Ethics which deals directly with the problems of life and dying, of health and of healing. It focuses attention to the need for a healthier world in accordance with the dictates of reason. Life is precious. It is our main concern and duty. Health is our personal responsibility. This requires that we adopt a style of life that fosters health. We owe it to our family and society to be healthy. The cost of health care is becoming expensive everyday. It is a crime of gross injustice when, because of our reckless habits, we force our family to suffer financial losses and indebtedness. Need essay sample on "The Morality of Abortion" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed But do we really care about the life which God has bestowed in us? Yes, certainly we do but there are some women choose to abort the life that is in them for some irrefutable reasons. Many agree to abortion depends to the circumstances but how about the women who just do not want to have kids? Is it reasonable that they just abort the life because they want to avoid responsibilities? Absolutely, not! The intent of this paper is to investigate the womens right to abortion and how do our society views this issue. II. Background Interruption of pregnancy or expulsion of the product of conception before the fetus is viable is called abortion. The fetus is generally considered to be viable any time after the fifth to sixth month of gestation. The term premature labor is sued when a woman experiences labor after this point in the pregnancy. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy before the embryo or fetus is able to live outside the uterus. In other words, it is the intentional expulsion of a fetus which cannot survive by itself outside of the womb of the mother. In complete abortion the tissues surrounding the embryo or fetus are also expelled. Abortion can occur in a pregnant woman between the time the fertilized egg attaches itself to the wall of the uterus and the time the fetus is 28 weeks old. (After the fetus is 28 weeks old, it may survive outside the uterus). A naturally occurring abortion is called a spontaneous abortion, or commonly, a miscarriage. It usually occurs because the uterus has rejected an abnormal embryo or fetus. Sometimes spontaneous abortion is the result of an injury or disease in the mother. An induced abortion is one that is deliberately performed to terminate a pregnancy. It is called a therapeutic abortion when the life or health of the mother would be endangered if the pregnancy were to continue. For most of the 20th century, abortion was illegal in the United States. In the 1960s, some states began to allow abortions to be performed under various circumstances. In 1973 the U.S. Supreme Court held in Roe v. Wade that the right of privacy covered a womans right to end an unwanted pregnancy in the early stages. This decision caused a controversy over the rights to the mother versus to those of the unborn child. Groups identifying themselves as pro-choice defended a womans right to have an abortion. Anti-abortion, or pro-life, groups stated that human life began at the moment of conception and that abortion was thus the taking of a human life. In 1989 the Supreme Court again considered the abortion issue and, while upholding Roe v. Wade, allowed states to impose restrictions on how, when, and where abortions can be performed (see Head, Jeanne E. Does Abortion Access Protect Women's Health? Volume: 19. Issue: 6. June 2004. Many countries have abortion laws similar to those of the United States, and some consider abortion to be a birth control measure. Other countries allow the therapeutic abortions but limit other induced abortions to pregnancies resulting from rape. In some countries, abortion is completely illegal. III. Background Abortion is a highly publicized issue about which many people feel very strongly. Debate continues, pitting the principle of sanctity of life against the principle of autonomy and the womans right to control her own body. This is an especially volatile issue because no public consensus has yet been reached. Abortion laws provide specific guidelines about what is legally permissible. In 1973, when the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases were decided, the Supreme Court of the United States held that the constitutional rights of privacy give a woman the right to control her own body to the extent that she can abort her fetus in the early stages of pregnancy (see Rubin, Eva R. Abortion, Politics, and the Courts: Roe v. Wade and Its Aftermath. Greenwood Press. New York, 2001. In 1989, the Supreme Courts decision in Webster v Reproductive Health Services upheld a Missouri law banning the use of public funds or facilities for performing or assisting with abortions. In 1992, President Clinton rescinded the Rust v. Sullivan 1991 decision, dubbed the gag rule, that prevented health care providers from discussing abortion services with clients in nonprofit agencies. The Supreme Court and state legislature continue to struggle with the issue of abortion. IV. Discussion A. Spontaneous Abortion It is estimated that 1 of every 5 to 10 conceptions results in spontaneous abortion. Most of these occur because an abnormality in the fetus makes survival impossible. Other causes may include systematic diseases, hormonal imbalance, or anatomic abnormalities. If a pregnant woman experiences bleeding and cramping, a threatened abortion is diagnosed because an actual abortion is usually imminent. Spontaneous abortion occurs most commonly in the second or third month of gestation. There are various kinds of spontaneous abortion, depending in the nature of the process (threatened, inevitable, incomplete, or complete. In a threatened abortion, the cervix doe not dilate. With bed rest and conservative treatment, the abortion may be prevented. If cannot, an abortion is imminent. If only some of the tissue is passed, the abortion is referred to as incomplete. If the fetus and all related tissues are spontaneously evacuated, the abortion is complete. In some countries, abortion is considered a legitimate means for regulating the size of the family or that of population. In some of these countries, it is not only legalized but is encouraged by subsidizing it with taxpayers money. Ethicists and theologians distinguish between indirect and direct abortion. Indirect or therapeutic abortion is that which is performed for the purpose of saving the life of the mother. This is regard as morally permissible. The case, however, does not only imply that the mothers life is simply preferred over that of the child. The choice is between a life which can be saved and a life which cannot be saved. The moral dilemma is either to let both die or to save the mother. The unencephalic fetus is cited as example. Not only that this defective fetus cannot survive, it cannot fully develop into a conscious human life. Thus, it is justifiable to abort it rather than have it endanger the life of the mother. It does not however belong to therapeutic medicine that aborts a fetus because it is afflicted with some kind of genetic disease, or possesses the risk of it. The fetus, and not the mother, is the patient. Killing the patient is no therapy whatsoever. What could be done, or should have been done, insofar as genetic disease is foreseeable, is to avoid conception. After conception, the only moral remedy is for immediate treatment after the delivery of the child. Direct or Selective Abortion is the expulsion of the fetus by the willful wishes of the parents for purposes other than saving the life of the mother. Thus, abortion is resorted to as a means of limiting the number of children; as a political ploy to control population growth; or, simply, as means of eliminating an unwanted baby for social or economic reasons. Direct abortion is immoral. It is violative of the natural right of the child to live. Pro-life vs. Pro-Choice: The debate on abortion has divided public opinion into two opposing camps: the pro-life and the pro-choice. Pro-life advocates adhere to the principle which calls for the protection and preservation of human life in all its forms. First, life is present from the moment of conception, and secondly, that life will develop into human being, unless it is crushed out of existence. In other words, there is already a human being there in its first stages of development, like a tiny rose-bud that will one day open into a beautiful bloom. Life is there from the first moment. It is not just a piece of tissue, or a growth; it is a living thins, with a distinct life of its own. Anyone who destroys it destroys the human being that is to be. Pro-choice advocates maintain that the mother, being a human being, and not merely a machine of procreation, has the right and the freedom to decide when to continue or terminate pregnancy. The State has no authority to prohibit abortion, since this belongs to the domain of the parents, especially the woman, as a matter of human right. Pro-choice proponents do not deny the value of life. Towards its promotion, they insist that there other situations which may justify abortion other than that of saving the life of the mother. One such situation is the socio-economic capability of parents especially of single parents. Thus, accordingly, the ultimate decision should belong to the woman and/or parents as a matter of personal right. It is denied that pregnancy is an intimate personal matter which concerns the woman or the family. But, likewise, it must be emphasized that abortion would not be a moral issue if couples would also admit to the prior responsibility of conjugal love and sex. Pregnancy is a foreseeable result of the sexual act. Couples, therefore, who are faced with risk of unwanted pregnancy, should have recourse to the moral means for avoiding conception. It contradicts reason to allow persons to be reckless with their sexual activities and give them besides the right to judge whether the offspring deserves to live or to die. In this extreme situation, the parent or parents would be the criminal, the judge, and the executioner; and the child has no fighting chance to survive. This is why pregnancy, after the fact, assumes a social dimension. It cannot be left entirely to the private moral decision of the individuals. It would be tantamount to giving each person the right to commit murder in accordance with their personal wishes. IV. Conclusion Having an abortion is a case to case basis. I cannot blame women who undergone abortion because that is their own prerogative and their right as a woman. I strongly believe that women who aborted their babies have irrefutable reasons; thus, their pregnancy might endanger their lives or the baby itself has its problem or whatever reasons the mother may have, we cannot push, dictate or even blame that individual. I dont say that I am pro or anti but as an individual, I should not be judgmental and learn to understand women who experienced that kind of process. I should look at on the other side of the coin of why mothers aborted their babies. References: Colker, Ruth. Abortion & Dialogue: Pro-Choice, Pro-Life, and American Law. Indiana University Press. Bloomington, IN. Publication Year: 2002. Mohr, James C. The Origins and Evolution of National Policy, 1800-1900. Oxford University Press. New York, 1999. Pollitt, Katha. Abortion in American History. Volume: 279. Issue: 5. 2001. Rubin, Eva R. Abortion, Politics, and the Courts: Roe v. Wade and Its Aftermath. Greenwood Press. New York, 2001. Head, Jeanne E. Does Abortion Access Protect Women's Health? Volume: 19. Issue: 6. June 2004.

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Integrating The Sri Lankan Disabled Soldiers Social Work Essay Essay Example

Integrating The Sri Lankan Disabled Soldiers Social Work Essay Essay Example Integrating The Sri Lankan Disabled Soldiers Social Work Essay Essay Integrating The Sri Lankan Disabled Soldiers Social Work Essay Essay Sri Lanka ground forces was formed in 1949 and was betrothed for ceremonial responsibilities till they call for the suppression of two rebellions led by JVP in 1971 and 1987. Originating of Tamil motion in Jaffna in mid 80 s, reached to the apogee of demanding separate State called EELAM led by the separationist group ; Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ( LTTE ) paved the manner to Sri Lanka Army to swerve its function from ceremonial responsibilities to classic function to contend against the terrorist act. Sri Lankan war scheme is proved to be the lone expression which exists in the universe at present to pay the wining war against the terrorist act. 2. As conflict prolonged for over three decennaries, forfeits made by the warring cabals and the human cost of the struggle broaden skylines of societal analysis to explicate the program to reinitiate those disables in to the societal system of the state. Following inside informations denotes the specifics of handicapped soldiers of Sri Lanka Army at the terminal of the struggle: 3. To this terminal, Social duty is to be set through encouragement and reinitiating handicapped war heroes in to societal system but it would non pay the manner to incorporating them in to the societal system since most of them are from the ages between 18 33 and are from the productive ages. Dependence household members, single position, less medical attending at rural bases where most of these soldiers hail from ; are the societal issues need to be addressed at precedence. Inculcation of positive attitude, dignified societal relationship, and positive attitude towards them would promote them over sensitiveness to helplessness, loneliness and feeling dependance. Purpose 4. The purpose of this service paper is to analyze the facing jobs when incorporating the Sri Lankan disabled soldiers into the societal system and do recommendations to get the better of the jobs. DISABLED PERSON AND DISABLED SOLDIER ( Definitions Quoted from WHO ) 5. As analysis progressed, necessity arises to clear up the definition of disable individual and disabled soldier to turn to the issues and to explicate solution to convey in them to the society. a. The term disabled individual is explained ; that a individual is unable to carry through his or her necessities her or his ain as a consequence of lack of physical or mental capablenesss and include following ; ( 1 ) Impairment. Any loss or abnormalcy of psychological, physiological, or anatomical construction of map. ( 2 ) Disability. Any limitation or deficiency of ability to execute an activity in the mode of within the scope considered normal for a human being. Handicap. A disadvantage for given single, ensuing from an damage or disablement which limits or prevents the fulfilment of a function that is normal, depending on age, societal and cultural factors, for that person. Disabled soldier is a individual who becomes the victim of some signifier of physical mental deceleration owing to war. By lucubrating it may do owing to following ground or multiple grounds ; an accident, deaths may consequences amputees, blind, loss of vision, loss of hearing, paraplegia or other disablements. Right OF DISABLED PERSON ( Quoted from UN charter ) 1. The term disabled individual means any individual unable to guarantee by himself or herself, entirely or partially, the necessities of a normal single and/or societal life, as a consequence of lack either congenital or non, in his or her physical or mental capablenesss. 2. Disabled soldier shall bask all the rights set out in this declaration. These rights shall be granted to all handicapped individuals without any exclusion, without differentiation or favoritism on the footing of race, coloring material, sex, linguistic communication, faith, political or other sentiments, national or societal beginning, province of wealth, birth or any other state of affairs using either to the handicapped individual himself or herself or to his or her household. 3. Disabled individuals have the built-in right to esteem for their human self-respect. Disabled individuals irrespective of the beginning, nature and earnestness of their disability and disablements, have the same cardinal rights as their fellow citizens of the same age, which implies foremost and foremost the right to bask a nice life, a normal and full as possible. 4. Disabled individuals have the same civil and political rights as other human existences. 5. Disable individual entitled to the steps designed to enable them to became as ego reliant as possible. 6. Disable individual have the right to medical, psychological and functional intervention including prosthetic and arithmetic contraptions, to medical and societal rehabilitation, instruction, vocational preparation, and rehabilitation, assistance, guidance, arrangement services and other services which will enable them to develop their capablenesss and accomplishments to the upper limit and will rush the procedures of their societal integrating or reintegration. 7. Disable individual have the right to economic and societal security and to decent degree of life. They have the right, harmonizing to their capablenesss, to procure and retain employment or to prosecute in a utile, productive and compensable business and to fall in trade brotherhoods consideration at all phases of economic and societal planning. 8. Disable individuals are to hold their particular demands taken into consideration at all phases of economic and societal planning. The betterment which he or she may deduce at that place from. 9. Disable individuals have the right to populate with their households or with surrogate parents and to take part in all societal, originative or recreational activities. No disable individual shall be subjected, every bit far as his or her status or by the betterment which he or she may deduce at that place from. If the stay of a disable individual in a specialised constitution is indispensable, the environment and populating status at that place in shall be every bit near as possible to those of the normal life of a individual of his or her age. 10. Disable individual shall be protected against all development, all ordinances and all intervention of a discriminatory, opprobrious or corrupting nature. 11. Disable individual shall be able available themselves of qualified legal assistance when such assistance proves indispensable for the protection of their individuals and belongings. If judicial proceedings are instituted against them, the legal process applied shall take their physical and mental status to the full into history. 12. Organizations of disable individuals may be usefully consulted in all affairs sing the rights of disable individual. 13. Disable individual their households and communities shall be to the full informed, by all appropriate agencies, of the rights contained in this declaration. RESTRICTIONS ATAND AS FOLLOWING WHEN INTEGATING DISABLED PERSONNEL INTO THE CIVIL SOCIETY OF SRI LANKA 1. Lack of professional cognition restricts eligibility for employment. 2. Limited entree to beginnings of information therefore, kept uninformed on chances available. 3. No representation in policy and determination devising. 4. come across incommodiousness entertaining services available at public Institutes since them have no installations to take wheel chairs in. 5. Restrictions on operation of organic structure variety meats and activity limitation would do mental traumatism and be averse to populate. 6. No active engagement at societal activities, due to construct of dependance, fright of favoritism by the society. 7. Many handicapped individuals who take on to work and want to work are left quit following the grounds such as physical and societal fortunes and the premise made on their on the job capacity. 8. Many war veterans who returned place suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) . 9. Often spouses give up work publicities, pensions, and benefits leting their hubbies to go on calling in the armed forces. If they suffer any hurt, households should back up to retrieve emphasis of their unwellness or disablement. Severe hurt or unwellness would impact the household psychologically and financially. 10. Singless come across a venture in happening a spouse for matrimony and those married would endure with partner-hood and parent-hood as a hubby and male parent. 11. Harmonizing to the UN charter disabled individuals have the same rights as others. No healthful facilitates available or no topographic points constructed for them particularly in public locales. 12. Those parents who have no any other agencies of income except of victim s would fall upon quandary to happen the life. 13. Though they wish to seek some other agencies to gain excess money they are being restricted by the fortunes hence have to get by with their wage. EMPOWERMENT OF REHABILITATION OR REINTEGRATION Plan 1. Empowering disabled experienced the employment limitations if non the careful rehabilitation or reintegration program is non made as per the particular necessities of disables. This empowerment program must include referrals for medical and dental services, coordination of preparation and allowances and include the undermentioned cardinal constituents: Evaluation and planning, Rehabilitation and employability ( preparation or instruction ) , Independent life. Job ready position, and interrupted position. 2. All disable soldiers are entitled to obtain wage and allowances as per ground forces wage strategies to bask satisfied life in the society but societal idealness, after employment emphasis and negative feelings will do this immature working category and negated feeling over their disablement if non their grudges are non decently addressed. To avoid the quandary over the forfeits made by them best signifier is to use them in a suited field and turnover the undertaking may edify the skylines of the disables. 3. Suitable service system may supply with occupation adjustment, occupation alterations, instance directions and linkages to the relevant service working environment as procedure continued. In order to accomplish employment chances following employment systems could be introduced ; a. Rapid Access to Employment. This emphasizes the end of immediate employment and is available to those who already have the accomplishments to vie in the occupation market in appropriate businesss. Among other things, disables may be provided occupation readiness readying, sketch development, occupation hunt aid, and adjustments and post employment followup. b. Self-Employment. This is for disables who have limited entree to traditional employment and demand flexible work agendas and a more accommodative work environment because of their crippling conditions or other particular fortunes. They may be provided an analysis of the viability of a concern construct, development of a concern program, preparation in the operation of little concerns, selling and fiscal aid, and counsel on obtaining equal resources to implement the concern program. c. Employment through Long-Term Services. Under this, the disables who need specialised preparation or instruction to obtain and keep suited employment. Training or instruction ( or both ) may be provided, including on-the-job preparation, apprenticeships, internships, occupation tailing, work monitoring, work-study, public-private occupation partnering, or higher instruction sufficient to obtain suited entry-level employment. d. Independent Living Services. The Independent Living Services is for disables who may non be able to work instantly and need extra rehabilitation to enable them to populate more independently. Disables may be provided with assistive engineering, independent life accomplishments preparation, and connexions to community-based support services. 4. Sing the fortunes some of disables may non be employed even though the preferable it due to disablements they possessed. They may supply with the independent life programme designed to assist whose service-connected disablement or disablements may be so terrible that they are unable to instantly prosecute an employment end. It helps them to be able to populate independently, take part in household and community life, and increase their possible to return to work and this service may include followerss ; a. Training in activities of day-to-day life. B. Attendant attention during period of passage. c. Transportation when particular agreements are required. d. Assistive engineering. e. Specialized medical, wellness, and rehabilitation services. f. Services to turn to any personal and/or household accommodation issues ; ( 1 ) Peer guidance. ( 2 ) Housing built-in to engagement in a plan of particular rehabilitation services. Training in independent life accomplishments. Connection with community-based support services. Training to better consciousness of rights and demands. ( 6 ) Aid in placing and keeping voluntary or supported employment. 5. Vocational-Educational Counseling provides a broad scope of vocational-educational guidance to disables and their dependants who are basically involved in equal association. Gradually this programme may direct into Person-centred planning that enables people to talk up about their personal hopes and aspirations and to be more in control of their lives. People s skylines expanded and became more ambitious as they saw other people making different things, as they themselves started to accomplish things, and as they got more used to believing and speaking about the chances they wanted. GOVERNMENT PARTICIPATION TOWARDS THE INTEGRATING THE DISABLED SOLDIERS 1. Following institutes are empowered by the authorities governments to incorporate disables to feudal societies. Those are ; a. Ranaviru Seva Authority. Act of parliament on 5 June 2000 mandated for publicity, public assistance, socioeconomic integrating of handicapped ex service members and their households including supplying service for tri service and constabulary forces. Under this proposals following steps were granted to the disables and those are: ( 1 ) Ranaviru sansada, psychological and socio programme. ( 2 ) Ranaviru land undertaking. ( 3 ) Educational scholarship. ( 4 ) Skill development programme. ( 5 ) Welfare programme. ( 6 ) Ranaviru small town and public assistance loan system. ( 7 ) Directorate of rehabilitation are include steps taken to supervise and praised the rendered services by these soldiers. B. Directorate of Rehabilitation. Maximum attempt for physical and psychological accommodation within the bound of his disablement to enable him to populate as utile and hearty life as is humanely possible. ( 1 ) Disabled soldiers receive basic medical and surgery attention from military infirmary. ( 2 ) Suffering loss of weaponries or legs, provide unreal limbs, guarantee by Directorate of Rehabilitation ( 3 ) Then they will be introduced to vocational accomplishments, clerical, treasure film editing, motor mechanics, welding, computing machine scientific discipline, book binding, air conditioning, infrigidation. ( 4 ) Then steer to happen a paid employment which suit their abilities and endeavoring for extra fiscal support. ( 5 ) Ranaviru sevana formed under the board of directors of rehabilitation for residential intervention. ( 6 ) Rehabilitation programme under ranaviru sevana, medical, educational, psycho-social, vocational. ( 7 ) Under those programmes following services will be provided medical services, hydro therapy, physical therapy, physical preparation, developing athleticss, vocational preparation, educational chances, and spiritual activities. ( 8 ) Practicing self attention accomplishments to take them of the frights and hurting ensuing from both traumatic experiences at war s good as the psycho societal jobs arise from their disablements. ( 9 ) The Ranaviru Sevana is go oning their plans and some accomplishment as follows: ( a ) Ultimate end is attainment of maximal physical and psychological accommodation of each individual with a disablement. ( B ) Occupying in units ( degree Celsius ) Uplift their public assistance steps ( vitamin D ) Sport ( vitamin E ) New endowment and accomplishments ( degree Fahrenheit ) Independent life, economically balance and socially accepted. Summary 1. Owing to the struggle which prolonged for about three decennaries between Sri Lanka Army and LTTE some 21327 soldiers have been left with any signifier of frailty which makes onerous impact on the authorities and to a considerable extent on society. However, duty remains still to take attention of and give heat and fondness whom so need such attending and attention in peculiar. 2. Some bing signifiers for classification of a handicapped would be, amputees, blind, loss of vision, loss of hearing, paraplegia and per centum of frailty besides given along with. It is evident that these handicapped soldiers undergo no vocational preparation or have no professional accomplishment due to the fact that they joins military service in the age of 18 or below 20 three hence, this influence on societal integrating accordingly. Further, this would impact their psychological science therefore possible branchings are uncertainness, experiencing favoritism and unlogical hazard of future life. Minor factors such as non representation at policy or determination devising, feelings of dependence, response of the mass in societal integrating, possibilities to run into the demands at public institutes besides could impact adversely to some grade. 3. possible steps to get the better of these ventures and fortunes some deduction would be ; empowerment program is to be carry out, rating, be aftering rehabilitation and employability, procuring independent life, make trades available and offering uninterrupted life. To bring forth employment chances for handicapped soldiers following procedure can be worked out: rapid entree to occupations, a assortment of ego employments, employment on full clip services and independent services. Some positive facets observed are ; public and private conveyance provides reserved seats for disable individuals and able mass takes no vacillation to offer his/her place to a handicapped if needed. 4. Afford of household demands and get by up all necessities with a small income or pension are firing issues lie before them. Therefore extra agencies of income ( s ) should be kept available through self employment etc. 5. Disabled soldier could be launched in to the society as a demanding individual through designation and working self possible. This may necessitate standard preparation and professional exposure and counsel. Government in coaction with Sri Lanka Army has implemented some feasible programs to swerve this venture in to success: constitution of the Ranaviru Seva Authority to help the handicapped soldiers and their households and Sri Lanka Army established the Directorate of Rehabilitation to installations them. Recommendation 1. Disabled soldiers undergo no vocational preparation or have no professional accomplishment prior to enlistment to the ground forces due to the fact that they join military service in the age of 18 or below 20 three. Therefore, effectual steps to be taken to work familial alone capablenesss and constitution of vocational preparation centres besides to be incorporated in to the enterprise. 2. Communication flow of the society is to be touchable and easy entree to information beginnings would maintain handicapped soldier informed on facts and benefits available. 3. Misinforming on psychological issues like uncertainness, feelings of dependence, and superstitious feelings of the mass that a disable soldier is a load to the society and has no end product or part to the national production should be eliminated. 4. Pay due honor and make the needful for them when needed in grasp of their invaluable forfeits. 5. Allowing chances to take part in and doing them coworkers in planning and determination devising would turn to and carry through their societal demands. So making chances to make this procedure will assist them. 6. Development of substructure installations at public and private institutes as they facilitate them to run into their demands in any assistance of mobility. 7. Psychological operations and regular guidance progammes to be done taking handicapped soldiers those suffer Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ( PTSD ) . 8. If the handicapped soldier is left unfit for farther mental or physical employment, his dependents should be kept strong to defy the life therefore occupation chances should be crate for them. 9. Disabled individuals besides should be aimed and considered when building illumination or immense public installations such as office composites, healthful, entertaining etc.

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Marketing plan Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Marketing plan - Research Paper Example As can be seen, restaurant is a place which provides services that satisfy people’s hunger and thirst. By starting such a business, I would be able to deliver good quality food products to my customers. My crew and I planned to locate our restaurant in New Jersey, United States of America. New Jersey has a lot of scope for starting hotel business, because there are many people working in New Jersey in different industries like printing and publishing, pharmaceutical industry, financial industry, telecommunication sector etc. Men and women work alike and even students are involved in the work as part time jobbers. Majority of people eat outside their homes, like in restaurants and hotels due to their work and as they do not have time to cook and eat. We could find a number of colleges, industries, companies etc in New Jersey. So we take this as an opportunity for us to start a new restaurant in Jersey City, Hudson County. The reason for choosing this place is its abundant popul ation and the fact that this place has a good infrastructure as well as is diverse in ethnics. Asians, African-Americans, Italians, Latinos etc are the different ethnic groups in Jersey City.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Name of the restaurant would be â€Å"Tasty World,† that indicates tasty foods from different parts of the world. We would be providing Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Italian, Spanish dishes, because these cuisines are popular and very tasty. That would be our USP for the company. We are sure that we can make good profit out of it, though it is very a risky step for an initial business group like us. Our vision is to spread our business network to more places and to satisfy our customers’  needs and requirements by making this restaurant among the most reputed organizations. Our mission is to provide great service and good quality, variety of food to our customers. At the initial stage of commencing, I myself would be the Managing Director and in fu ture, if needed, partners would be included. Our company has personal values that are to be considered in order to get maximum satisfaction from all the customers and to provide good quality food at reasonable prices. II. A. The external environment is a little bit complicated because there are many other restaurants operating in this place. So it would not be so easy for us to run this organization in profit at the initial stage. But we have strategies to counter attack that situation. At present, the global economies are in a crisis and are facing more challenges, but for us it would be the perfect time to start our business in Jersey City. As I mentioned earlier, there are many students as well as employed people in this place, so the marketing demography for our business would particularly be college students, youth and working people. ‘Tasty World’ has entered a matured market, which is highly competitive. There are many other restaurants in the city of Jersey but Tasty World offers 100 types of Spanish, Indian, Italian and Chinese cuisines. Majority of the people living in that place go to restaurants at least once a week and more than 10000 individuals pass that way (where restaurant is proposed). Our workforce would consist of highly experienced people who possess great skills in preparing delicious food. We also plan to serve the dishes at the tables in the fastest time possible. STP of our company would be: Market Segmentation- Potential customers can be segmented into students, working professionals